23 Mar

learn to be free

see the world fall apart
trees cut, rivers dry
rampant ignorance
who cares to live forever

see a heart here and there
sudden bursts of energy!
may be its true
the brightest burns quickest

people living their own self
or should I say selfish shortsight!
fools all around us,
preachers of the void

want to write our own song
and sing it our way too
waiting for no ordinary
to clap to our tune

am not the forgiving kind
been living the way I wished
looking for higher grounds ever
not realising where I come from

want to say thousand things to you
am sitting here talking
to strangers,
heart so far away from the head

if we see we can make that choice
leave all others to decide
we shall be free on our road
living the way our hearts desire

22 Mar

to pick a book up

See if you feel like reading!
Read whats written on the cover pages!
Read who has read it? what are they talking about!
Read reviews in news papers!
Read reviews in bookshops!
Just get everything from a particular author!
Talk to other readers!
Get points from other books!
Visit a book shop, turn a few pages over!

if you don’t find what you are looking for, may be its time someone wrote it. Yourself preferebly!

note 0: good books get good books, note 1: company of people “better” than you helps

20 Mar

the concept of fear

Blessed are the ones who are ignorant! The unaware of its presence! The knowledge by itself acts more powerful than the gravity. Again knowledge is power, now that its known that it will be there if you let it. so be it … just let it be …