28 May

tougher than the rest

Someone said one day if i were to be the same with girls as I am with my bikes, I would have been a different man! Closer, Caring, etc, etc.

Well, i could’nt agree more 🙂
Here is one of mine along with Aalok’s beauty.
life n road

Somehow this may be the reason I like these lines of Boss (Bruce Springsteen)

“Some girls they want a handsome Dan
or some good-lookin’ Joe on their arm
Some girls like a sweet-talkin’ Romeo
Well ’round here baby
I learned you get what you can get
So if you’re rough enough for love
honey I’m tougher than the rest”

from Tougher than the Rest

Well, that’s a bit too much talk I guess
some voices from the empty space inside!
Never learnt to say ‘miss you’ and
probably too proud to say ‘stay’!

then again, Change is the only thing constant in this lil life 🙂 and so there is a new day everyday …

20 May

sights, heights, flights

Never could imagine the shine on the wings of the brahmini kite hovering just below you in the early morning sun, would be so wonderful a sight. Just let there be more such flights and more such sights and nothing else in the world can match it anyway. And of course the sawandurga mornings and the evenings to fill the rest. 🙂

18 May

funny! eh!

funny people, (ref: profiles of people on orkut)

they put their relationship status as ‘single’ even when they are in love and change it to ‘committed’ when they get engaged!

wo! funny world!

14 May

the way you carry it…

Pretty common scene! (ref: urban landscape of blr). Young women wearing jeans pants and t-shirts! T-shirt is usually just long enough to cover till an inch of the jeans. And the women trying to pull it down, straighten the t-shirts all the time, noticeably, apparently trying to cover the possibly exposed space between the shirt and the pant and more.

when they can consciously wear a dress like that, what is it that makes them conservative about the looks?! Is it the culture working in the back of the mind? Is it the half-grown submission to the invading culture? Is it the confusion between them? Is it the attitde of liberation of mind saying “I will do whatever I want and mind you, I know where I come from!!” ?