20 Nov

car pooling and joint families

Did you know it involves nation building and family planning too?!

Imagine a situation where you are traveling for hours, waiting to get home and once you reach home, only to be greeted by the million members of the family! Hows that! By the time you get past all the family affairs to your man or lady its high time for anything! Now in such situations where one is living in a nuclear family (should it be un-clear family for all the love they bestow and yet keeps two people at safe distance!! ) there is hardly any time to ‘catch-up’. Come on, we can’t run to a posh coffee shop like those teeny-veeny things for some ‘talk’! Now there is only one place which can rescue the hungry hearts from their despair. They say road is not place to start home. Now you see its so wrong! Road is the only place now where the strong pillers of the building block of the society can actually ‘catch-up’ and get into conversation including ‘fight’ for guiding each other a wrong route which would take them one hour extra to get home! See the incentives too! You see…!! And now you bring the idea of car pooling bringing the whole world into the car! God, don’t be so mean! I mean everyone needs some space and time on their own. Don’t they?