25 Nov

rare ones

The search for the rare!, Its not new, this obsession with rare!. Everyone in all era were looking for the rare ones. The word looking would be understatement and it had its side effects too, both positive and negative. Search for Orchids, Minerals, Fossils, Eggs etc are all have been part of the humans looking out for the exotic! is it the pretense inside the socio-political arena lies behind the this “explorations” in which humans, both educated and uneducated are pushed to the ends of the world?!

18 Nov


wonder how wise it is to look for solutions for the new age medical problems (for example) in the wilderness and in the still evolving flora/fauna out there! one might even call the act a superstition or how vulnerably fearfully dependent home sapiens are!!

are the new age medical or health situations are part of the evolution, so that somewhere else a solution is also evolving. Its not necessary that every problem must have a solution of course and that every solution available must oblige to match a problem.

and all these technical advancements, on a certain plane, seem to separate the homo sapiens and the homo dilutus. Over facilitated by the unnecessary natural resource consuming developmental activities, race might as well depend more the external facilities than nurturing and building a intelligence inside which works with great level of abstraction. And entropy is only rising!