25 Nov

rare ones

The search for the rare!, Its not new, this obsession with rare!. Everyone in all era were looking for the rare ones. The word looking would be understatement and it had its side effects too, both positive and negative. Search for Orchids, Minerals, Fossils, Eggs etc are all have been part of the humans looking out for the exotic! is it the pretense inside the socio-political arena lies behind the this “explorations” in which humans, both educated and uneducated are pushed to the ends of the world?!

2 thoughts on “rare ones

  1. I guess we as a species are designed to seek things that are not easily attainable. And it is not just orchids or minerals or stones. Why does one climb? Why does one want that perfect partner? We’re also designed to be dissatisfied i guess. Which is good and bad…

  2. guess we are designed to think both extremes too, designed to have choices like being dissatisfied or not! this way we would never move further from square one!! 🙂

    guess climbing is perhaps realizing how vulnerable and close to nature one is! more of letting go than being possessive about… (this could be could be just me thinkin like this)

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