23 Sep

more for language

The lil kids these days use words like “gonna”, “wanna”. Some puritans would still be thinking about what will become of it if this is how the language decides to grow. Of course these words are something the younger generation has learnt from the environment and from the process of evolution. Puritans might miss this point of evolution and still address it as growth. When the younger generation listens to this they question back this conservative thought saying “Do we really need to use ‘e’ in ‘better’?! If I write it as ‘bettr’, everyone, well almost would recognise what I talking about!”!!

Might seem cryptic to find it in pieces here and there. What if the whole prose is devoid of ‘e’ or the simlars!

makes me wonder!


hmmm… me wonders more and more!

this time put a touch of occupational hazards of half boiled IT. Once in a while I come across a document or two which describes something very clear. Take an example.. method doSomething takes only ArrayList as argument. Here in this piece is it really necessary to say “only”?! I doubt. When you say it takes ArrayList, it takes ArrayList. Nothing more nothing else. Why would any reader want to think of anything else? When ‘only’ is put there its like making simple things simpler.

Another piece that comes to mind is, Definitions. Should one put declarative expressions about what something is or should the stress be more on what can be done or how it can be used. Later is better is I feel. Its lil more abstract than the former.

If something makes one put her gray cells to exercise, its better in the longer run. If it is too plain and overly elaborate (for whatever reason) there is not enough integrity of thought process and weakens the processor. If this becomes part of evolution, it will end up in dilution of race. It already has started perhaps. Various overlooked factors involved just for one reason or two.

hmmm… too much thinkin… eh!? 🙂

15 Sep

a misfit that i am…

A simple tour to Naigara falls in the land of the free revealed the darker side of the being I am. Poor water falls had to tolerate me along with thousand others! Listing out all that characteristics might even become some book of sorts. eh! Let me try a few anyway…

First things first, The Universal Truth, I am misfit to be a package tourist, to go along with others keeping up with all the hurried gentle pace to see things around. I do not have a style for walking that way. huh! I don’t even whisper a complaint about the food not being good.

And misfit as photographer with my so-what-if-its-big-looking-digitell-camerra! I don’t have the slightest idea that pics can be taken inside a 4 wheeler just before stopping in a restaurant for dinner at 9pm. And what’s the use of a photo when there are no human beings in the photo. Utter waste of everything, No one has to go to Niagara for such photos!

Misfit as a cultural activist, can’t even sing that can raise a hush and make everyone acknowledge my presence, the genre and style or music I choose to listen to is so out of place, might not even get categorized by the other artistes in the neighboring seats during travel with their sophisticated voice and lyrics which can put any domesticated animal to shame.

Misfit as a co-passenger, can’t make a conversation about all the places I have seen earlier in my childhood or college days or even the last visit with my friends to any place, I can’t even remember the last bar I ever went. All I can do is appreciate of the beauty of the place where I am standing. What good is that! heh!

Misfit as language expert, can’t even speak a lingo that so unique and absolutely not understood by 100% of the people around me. Why don’t I learn something to say something in some lingo and tempo that no one knows except my wife, and by goodness! what attention I deserve for that when everyone else seem just inferior and can’t get a thing done. hwooooh! coool. ain’t it?

Misfit as a regional food expert, can’t go eat in any decent alien restaurant which serves food of some variety from a place 2000km away from my home back in my country. I complain and plan to eat in a restaurant which has name of a state park which serves food which looks like something I have seen at home and boasts to be better than that. And I have to crib about the price am being asked to pay for and size and length it comes no matter what!

So much for being Roman in Roma.

ps: all along the road in a few places there were boards about gazells crossing. just hoping to see one. and I saw one, a young one too. Darn the misfit I am could not even do what I went for and started looking at all other beauty around me and searching for it all the time.


Niagara Falls