28 Jan


know the mortal i am
like words am here

let me not utter a word,
let me live the moment

this whisper inside,
i do wish you hear
this silence

for words seem to be
the bridge between us
each brick cries

25 Jan


Carl Safina wonders in Song for the blue ocean…

“Facts hint at further mysteries. Over thousands of unmarked miles the bluefins come and go, flooding into these New England waters during summer like high tide,expelled for the winter like an exhaled breath. Somehow, all these animals know where to go: into the Gulf Stream or down to the breeding grounds. What instincts rule their motivations and desires? After seven winters in the Gulf Stream, what impulse, what sensation, first turns their head south to seek their spawning ground? They move of their own volition, and we have no knowledge of their urges.”

what about us, Homo sapiens?

21 Jan

of three songs

* Sad eyes never lie – Bruce Springsteen
* Tum itna jo musku ra rahe ho, kya gum hai jis’ko chhupa rahe ho – Gazhal sung by Jagjit Singh
* hudugalaarada dukha hudugirisi nageyalli, nasunaguta bande idiru – poem by Bendre and sung by Puttur Narsimha Naik

Somehow they seem to be reflecting on the similar human nature! Or is it the other way?
Perhaps tis high time I wore another shoe and started seeing things in a different light!

18 Jan


“have no particular home and equally at home everywhere!”
How urbanised we already are to really know what it means!? How attached we have become to really know what is wild?! Like the word ‘sifar’ If I am right it means something like ‘having no end, having no beginning’, ‘has everything and yet nothing’!

“Have link, will click!” Will take one to many places. What does it take to start a spark of a thought!? A word or two!
The school one went would push the seeker to reflect on what one believes. expectation between humans should be there for the betterment of life. When one fails to notice or one needs a hand to pull her/him towards the better, that’s ‘expected’. The promise of being there is the expectation. Demand would be in terms of what is good. And all the things make it happen for each other will be the things expected and at the same time if they were not there then there would have been nothing to bring them close.

To confide with the untold promise of not being ridiculed, to trust with the confidence of being accepted, to laugh not being afraid of getting a comment back about the bad breath :). Letting go when one needs to, put the right weight on one another, is I would say the essence of it (whatever names one chooses for it). One of the side effect of this is, the effort to make the life beautiful, not just for the senses but also for the quality the senses should experience. yes, one should be expecting everything without expecting anything.

05 Jan

creation copyright god

and rest?! Hmmm… lets take a look…


Whats written on the back side of the truck is a true gem “God creates, Man Disturbs”. Heck! yes, If it could read elephantix would have loved to laugh out loud. Probably it did!!

02 Jan


“Happy New Year” 🙂

yes, the wishes fill the air.

on the other hand, is’nt this just a marker on the sliding timeline? Sometime lines are based on the activities people involve in, for their bread, for what they reap and celebrate the nature for the same.

Celebrate the season. Celebrate every season. Celebrate the beauty it has given to life. (Somehow like the opening song of the movie ‘Rent’. which asks how do we measure it? Why not measure it in Love? measure in seasons of Love? )

Heard that the ‘development’ has over taken the DondoLe falls and this small beautiful waterfall is just gone and this ‘development’ will over take many more. Along with it, donno what else it will take away, those things which probably did not have a chance to come to see the light of world. And with all that mindlessness!

Seasons come, seasons go. Will the seasons have the same name anymore? what if the winter is just 10hours a year?! “The Future of Ice: A Journey Into Cold” by Gretel Ehrlich is wonderful book asking such questions. Truth is that, one can see it happening now. Or is it as Muir wonders “will this destruction by mankind (being part of nature) bring out a finer beauty like other natural things bring?”

Do I say Happy New Year?