02 Jan


“Happy New Year” 🙂

yes, the wishes fill the air.

on the other hand, is’nt this just a marker on the sliding timeline? Sometime lines are based on the activities people involve in, for their bread, for what they reap and celebrate the nature for the same.

Celebrate the season. Celebrate every season. Celebrate the beauty it has given to life. (Somehow like the opening song of the movie ‘Rent’. which asks how do we measure it? Why not measure it in Love? measure in seasons of Love? )

Heard that the ‘development’ has over taken the DondoLe falls and this small beautiful waterfall is just gone and this ‘development’ will over take many more. Along with it, donno what else it will take away, those things which probably did not have a chance to come to see the light of world. And with all that mindlessness!

Seasons come, seasons go. Will the seasons have the same name anymore? what if the winter is just 10hours a year?! “The Future of Ice: A Journey Into Cold” by Gretel Ehrlich is wonderful book asking such questions. Truth is that, one can see it happening now. Or is it as Muir wonders “will this destruction by mankind (being part of nature) bring out a finer beauty like other natural things bring?”

Do I say Happy New Year?

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