21 Aug


She “Hey, Nice shirt! Like the color!”
Me “Ah! taanks. me likes the color too”
“what is this ‘Zank’ in big letters?! tis much better without that”
“oh this? Zank is the brand , pretty big name, kinda puts you in hot line”
“and it expensive too!!”
“shame on you! its your shirt and you are advertising for them!”
“ah! eh! hmmm…”
“you pay thrice the price its worth and call it fashion!”
“eh! oh! aa…”
“and show off that tis a big brand you wear! hey gaaad!!”

11 Aug

will not be home

Don’t tell your mama where you’re going
Mama knows no late night radio
We’ll pack all our bags and ride through
will be long before we come back home
said someone wish through my wings
close my eyes, and dream away
best may not the one enough,
lived it through though not perfect
itching inside, let everyone be,
only you knew how free you are
Brought me in to your big world
you taught me to know more
mother won’t you know? we have grown
let me know, let me go
all the words of mine, want to be free
mother won’t you know, will have to go?
won’t you let me cry, my own way?
heal these, will be long before we come home