24 Mar


How sorry she felt for white people, who couldn’t do any of this, and who were always dashing around and worrying themselves over things that were going to happen anyway. What use was it having all that money if you could never sit still or just watch your cattle eating grass? None, in her view; none at all, and yet they did not know it.

Mma Ramotswe – The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency

10 Jan

to see

“I am drawn to the story of Polynesia because it reveals so much about the issues and misconceptions that both inspire and haunt us to this day: the sheer courage that true exploration implies, the brilliance of human adaptation, the dark impact of conquest and colonialism. It reminds us, too, of the need always to be skeptical about the tenacious grip of academic orthodoxy. Knowledge is rarely completely divorced from power, and interpretation is too often an expression of convenience.”
~ Wade Davis in The Wayfinders.

01 Apr


rain’s stopped
empty path
am walking
moon is alone

leaves drenched
night shining
feet wet
muddy smell still left

can hear breeze
can feel the stars
ground beneath feels
soul touches void

this rain,
this spirit
walks crossing
together forever