06 May

will they?

How long does it take for the trees to evolve to grow shorter? To have a phyllotaxy which is relaxed and following a less complex in mathematical structure! Looking at all the destruction, deforestation, etc; trees may not decide to grow any taller any more. When all the sunlight they need can be easily obtained at lower height, why would they want to grow any taller?

will they evolve? will we be there to see? will we let them to go that far?

01 May

blink of an eye

In between two long bus rides, a weekend went vooshing by in the blink of an eye. Two days of fun, chocolate, muscle pain, joy, learning, pourin rain, flyin, learnin to flyin, carbo-plus drinkin, playin, vitamin-i, smooth floats, good-Ds, WOWs filled hours will linger for some good time now…

ultimate frisbee

livin it live, may the blink of an eye last a life time… and for the memories here are some more ultimate frisbee