17 Jan

to be the first

* to be a good human do i necessarily be the first?!
* to be the first, to be different, to be the first to be different!
* if i dont, someone else will!

makes me wonder should we be necessarily doing all things that we think of?!! Will being first in something makes me superior? Is every walk of life is some athletics? …

16 Jan

so the bucks say…

they decided an urging need for printed introspection of all the wanderings in sanctuary, zoo, cage … brown buck found a title for his section “this buck should be shot!”. And yes, is still wandering. will need some more wandering and wondering before he can put all the “mae! mae!”s into something black and white!

12 Jan

climbin hard…!

totally love these words of Shyam … 😉

“This is all total BS. REAL ‘climbers climb half drunk, bare-foot, in moonlight, totally naked. Don’t ever wear those stupid ‘climbing shoes. They are horribly tight, butt ugly to look at and very dangerous to use; the strong stench has been known to cause serious olfactory damage. People have been chased away from their work-places, disowned by family and friends. As for art of climbing, do the barest minimum possible. Come back to the buddies and make really tall stories. Only idiots and masochists climb hard.”
hope he won’t beat me up for copying it here 🙂

08 Jan

searching for the same?

“Life is drama” philosophy says “There’s no rehearsal on stage”!
Musashi in his guide to strategy says “There’s no practice grip”!

May be “Life is journey” and “Life is a long song” also have something similar?!

Discoveries, Knowledge, Learning, Harmony… keep the engine running… i believe!