19 Apr

be something! do something!

words heard in a climbing movie…”Someone got this rule that someone has to be something! someone has to do something!

that’s where the decline began me thinks when someone long back in time started thinking…. do something! do something no one has done! do something fast, first! do something to be famous! and somewhere it slowly slipped down to the backside of the think-engine do something humane!!

09 Apr

the WFR team from Sita Nadi

The team pic of the WFR from Sita Nadi

the WFR team

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sitting(from L to R): Sunand, Phyllis, Krishna, Santosh, Sanjeev, Daniel, Pranesh, Narasimha, Manju, Mohammad, Kuttappa, Ravee
standing (from L to R): Reena, Krishna, Sachin, Raj, Jose, Akshay, Dheeraj, Bishnu, Sowmya, Anagha, Julie, Sharath, Vinod, Mathews
standing (last 5, from L to R): Deev, Nagendra, Amit, Akshata, Gnanashekhar

And more pics are here.