11 Mar

a fine mess…

There was a young girl, age still in single digit. She was with her father who was overseeing an hall full of folks writing certain test. She took the pair of scissors lying around and started cutting the some paper. Her father noticed it. Next moment one could see him gathering some paper came as a wrapper for something, unusable for anything now and gave them all to the daughter. And she just had all the freedom with the pair of scissors and the waste paper and encouragement from her father to do a “mess” of it.

I just kept wondering how many parents, esp the young parents would do it?

ps: young-parents, well, usually these people give me lot of food for thought…

07 Mar

honk psychosis

Ref: BLR Roads (for now… we’ll check the World later)

Patta-aaf-aalls congraats and gompLiments on the bhonderpull varinations of orns and deir amazzing sympoNy! balle balle!!

From ‘pyaaaaaaaaaoooonnnnnnnnn’ to ‘pon-pon’, from ‘peep-peep’ to ‘booouummmm’, from ‘yaare-kooogaDali’ to ‘zaraaa-zaraaa’, from brake-horns to reverse-gear. Anyone out there on the road is sure to get high on this part of pollution. It doesn’t matter whether one is out there on a vehicle or by her/himself.

The kind of “music” one puts on in the name of horn is clearly a way to identify the necessity of psychoanalysis and therapy there on. There are various categories of rider/drivers too. uncles, born-uncles and kids are the major of them and born-uncles consume the larger area. This is the group consisting of young to young-adult to adult. Age and sex no bar definitely. Wo! Wait! We are deviating from the main topic…

What would you say when you hear a born-uncle honking on a almost empty road, and s/he is riding on the edge of the road and honking at the only person simply standing and looking amazingly puzzled by the empty road and the horn. You will have to teach your imagination to think a bit when the horn says “pyaaaeeeeeoooooooonnnn” extended for two a minute or two as if someone is improvising notes in Lento for a detuned sax. In layman’s words it would sound like ‘ayyoooooooooo’ ( “hoytallappo… bitbiDappooo… ayyooo” kind). Is that what makes them push that button…? Also if they are adult-adults you can tell them they have learnt riding/driving only after they have crossed 52.

When heard something like ‘pom-pom’ ‘pompom’ , if you look the owner of the instrument, s/he would have look which seems like asking quick questions .. “wo!? … en?… yaake? … naDi munde?!!” etc. And those people who tend go fast where they should not be… yeah yeah.. those young college kids who go so fast (showing of the speed and everything related) will have absolutely different pattern. God knows why they go so fast! No one, neither the rider nor the beautiful distractions can see each other clearly! (whats the fun!?) And don’t ask me what did I prove going slow!! Anyways as per the current syllabus we are supposed to talk only about whats in the mind of button pusher and accordingly anyone can tell s/he is a young-adult with a push of a button.

And major of the rest of the crowd is the am-late-to-office uncles…u know them when they the push button starts their mouth too. These days you can see them honking on the footpath as well… luckily usually there is only one way traffic. and Pedestrian!! whats wrong with you? why did you come out of house in the first place?!

And all the songs twisted, turned, battered and put into a thing called horns. And mobile phones too. Darn diluted sense of satisfaction and greater sense of false superiority and what not (Is there a branch in psychology for this now?!) This could remind you to take your daily tranquilizer shot. And of course you can easily tell that the uncle three streets across has got a new vehicle when s/he take 20 minutes reverse and park the vehicle. Mind you all this time the horn attached to reverse gear has to be on with full volume blasting…

hmmm… well that reminds me what once my brother told me “Dogs bark ‘cos they are scared”! Well lemme think …
oh! Not to forget the pleasure one gets by just blocking the way for the n-wheeler honking from behind endlessly 🙂

03 Mar

how is …

you can’t climb when your heart is heavy,
when u climb you climb with your body and mind.
how are they related?

two more falls and …
realisation is “how” is for fools!