14 Jun

riders manual for blr

Theorem 1. Cattle Theory : Treat everything else as cattle without exception.
corollary 1. No matter how much you honk cattle won’t move.
corollary 2. Law of displacement of objects is equally ignored by the subjects.

Theorem 2. Nothingness : There is nothing behind you, once you pass everything infront of you.
corollary 1. Whatever sound comes from the backside of ears will not reach your inside of the ears.

Theorem 3. Unlimited dimension : There is no certain way of telling from which direction there will not be any attack on your vehicle.
corollary 1. Physics will have to find new mathematics to calculate the total available dimensions available for your vehicle not to move in any improbable yet not so impossible direction.

Theorem 4. There is a new day everyday : (also known as reminder theorem) All the things mentioned above are rigorously monitored by subjects and updated without prior notice without exception.
corollary 1. Leave your logic and sense at your own risk, whereever you want to leave them. Aliens and alien matters are treated with equal ignorance.

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