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  1. We have been concerned about the general apathy on biological evolution in India. We were possibly one of the early groups to celebrate the 150th Year of the publication of Darwin’s On the Origin of species. Six eminent evolutionary biologists were brought to Mumbai for a two day short lecture workshop in August 2008. We have also taken it upon ourselves to coordinate programs elsewhere in the country so that the idea of evolution would be publicised.

    We have also conducted workshops for teachers at the Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai. The Eklavya, Indore in association with us is reviewing school curriculum on evolution.

    We are also taking this opportunity to review the problems related to teaching evolution. There are biology courses in the university system in this country that do not touch upon evolution even cursorily. This is when Dobzhansky’s statement that “Nothing in Biology Makes Sense Except in the Light of Evolution” still rings true.

    We will be glad to associate with Darwin celebrations in this year of the 125th anniversary of the esteemed institution, that is BNHS.

    Please get in touch with us at mcarunan@gmail.com
    Coordinator, UGC Innovative Program in Neurosciences & Biology Network, Sophia College for Women, Mumbai-400 026

  2. It is more than a month since we had posted this comment on the need to organize as well as coordinate events celebrating the 200th anniversary of Darwin and more so the 150th year since the Origin of Species.

    Currently I am in Goa and will soon be meeting academics including the Vice Chancellor to coordinate events regarding Darwin 200/150 Years Since Darwin in Goa.

    It will be a tragedy if we miss this opportunity to popularise Evolution and make evolutionary thinking a habit. We count upon BNHS and its patrons in this movement. We are also looking forward to BNHS in organizing events on Darwin and Evolution during this year. We will be keen to associate with the events.
    MC Arunan

  3. Ravee,
    Sorry, I may have missed your mail. Is it not important to discuss this issue?

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