21 Feb

marketorial philosophies

Read in an ad saying “Another point of view can sometimes open up a whole new world”! Makes me wonder, it opens a new world thats why its called a point of view. Isn’t it?

Another ad in magazine said “Save trees”. The magazine is Sanctuary Asia and most readers are the ones who understand the importance of these two words and probably would do whatever lil they can. Why not these people put their lines in some place where it puts some education into the bigger mass!!

And those TV ads about fairness’s, facilities, etc… goodness!!
As Feynman puts it, its just insult of the general intelligence of the common!

2 thoughts on “marketorial philosophies

  1. these observatioins are not easy to make
    it took me a while to figure out the “point of view” thing
    they use this weakness i think

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