04 Jun


Alternanthera sessilis (hongone soppu) Alternanthera brasiliana (L.) Kuntze from nalaDi

Alternanthera brasiliana

5 thoughts on “Alternanthera

  1. i have seen two varieties of honagone soppu. can we eat the ones that are brown and used in gardening?

  2. hi Shubha

    Guess i got this Id wrong probably. The green one is supposed to be of medicinal value and can be eaten. And the green one is A. sessilis as per Dr Magadi R Gurudeva’s book.

    Am not sure about the brown one!

    Are you into botany/gardening?

  3. we are using (honagone soppu (creeper) for eating (for cooking purpose)
    I heard that green one (honagone soppu (creeper) is also used for eating (for cooking purpose) I have also seen honagone soppu plants which are not creepers(balli)

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