09 Jun

june sunday…

Never knew it was empty, till the warmth of the feeling of it filling started to tickle.


“Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, Or what’s a heaven for? ” said Robert Browning. One June Sunday out there is more than an invitation to let one know what would it feel like. To wake the soul up to the magic, that nature can weave into the hearts its mortal admirers. Saying “Here you are! Have you forgotten to dream? You would never know whats perfect, but here it is. Every time you feel it, you would know where to look for it, where you would a get a glimpse of the absolute, which you dream to achieve, dream to believe, dream to be one with.”


Perhaps the Sunday was the one, the perfect. In ways …many.

On the ride back everyone on road must have heard someone singing No ceiling and Happy 🙂

02 Jun


A weekend in Kodaikanal and other personal rants.

“Our problem is not that we aim too high and miss, but that we aim too low and hit.” said Aristotle. Believe he did not have to play in a team sport and had to loose matches against the teams in increasing order of higher ‘play’! Am not even sure if he said it without influence of any good ‘jaam-e-mehfil’ . Now that he has already created some history with that line of his, if I try to align myself to the spirit of it, there is nothing left but the good memories of the two days of absolute fun in the sun (of course a lil rain too).

And all the things in between the two long bus rides is history. What a kick-ass teacher history is, told me about building community, rewards of practice and patience, how easily one can forget to smile on a nice green grassy field, how one can actually smile, the cultural difference, openness to cultural difference, and how nice the “ninna nenapu” sounds on a tired evening and of course those ‘home-made’ chocolates 🙂

Coming to think of learning, the only thing that makes a difference is understanding of the element of openness between how-it-should-be and let-me-experience-it. Puts me in perspective for yearning for more of movement of muscles around femur than the jaws.
Also its about the feel to start all over again, from absolute zero, from absolute nothing. The sense of accepting the mistake and moving on. Perhaps path not taken would have been a lot different, like the one taken is.
Though it looks like there is no time to look back now, nothings there perhaps or perhaps it is time to go now.