01 Dec

corporate games

no! its got nothing to with that!

this one is more like image building inside the cubicle jungle! with the help of couple of well practised jingles how I can impress the beautiful distraction next door because of which I have been listening to the wooshing sound the deadlines make as they pass by with some weird regularity they seem to have!!

Let’s get a bit serious now. After all it has to do with the lovely image, you see!!

Its about the performing art with which I will have to exhibit my extra curricular activity in the most impressive way just make sure that I am not just another one everyone knows! Sports are of tremendous help here. I can wave my hands endlessly somewhat mimicking the extra-ordinary delivery by a bowler from the game of cricket. And only such movements seem to have the touch of elegance. Tell you!
Now, let me try some Ultimate moves instead of that. e.g. am going to do a pull! and a nice follow up with the long arm swing etc. God! how weird this one is when compared to the other sports action!! Say am doing it as if I am marking very hard, which if employed on the ground, would definitely fetch nothing less then a turnover! Heck no! Its no where close to the finesse displayed by the cover-drive!!
Now if someone sees this hard working act of pure joy, I can be rest assured I will find myself at ‘nimhans’ within no time! Including ‘that one’, everyone is sure to think its un-cool, and what’s more they would even think some fluid inside my skull has lost the temperature a bit.. and am as much drunk as the wine bottle itself!! ..for sure!

And now can I think of anyone thinking any ill about the wavy moves I make if I am imitating a batsmen or bowler, doesn’t matter even if the outcome is only a duck there with that!
How uncool other sports are!!

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