11 Nov

bike rides and festivals

First thing I want to do is just don’t go out. Hmmm.. that does not work well all the time, esp when all you have in your head is to “Get Out”. So I take the bike out, calculating all the possible long shortcuts I can take and the things I need to take care on the road. Suddenly hear a blast and I have start thinking of my plan allover again.

Start and head out. The road almost looks like paved with colourful decoration from all the hyperactivities by the kids and kids alike. Slowly head out in a defensive mode feeling like a army jawan on a battlefield expecting a rocket from all possible directions. Somehow these rockets and their launchers seem to know approaching target for their missiles and mines. They never seem to miss the opportunity. I take turns, u-turns and bends on a straight road and see myself somewhat heading away.

heh! high hopes! The feeling of whole world is beneath your feet is short lived. Suddenly there is a blast someplace very close to the tires of my bike, which makes me jump. Bike would have thrown me off if it could. (would have refused to come with me in the first place) Thanks to some hyper active festive power, my position now is almost of some Chinese martial art pro elaborating some “crouching tiger” style. That too on a bike!! Anyone who would have seen me from a distance would have told me that I am riding my bike with legs!!

At the same time its time for a refresher course also. It makes wonder from where all those swear words come from?! Where were they all these days! Wo! Never knew my vocabulary was that big! (if you excuse the choice if French). 🙂

Thank goodness I am not walking atleast. Or else would either jumped up some tree or someone would have had a chance to refer to the French dictionary! Hmmm … all the same the mindless crackers, mess on the road… continues. Let me take a left here probably they are done with their missile now. Know for sure its going to be a bumpy, jumpy ride.

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