05 Dec

conservation! a slightly different way..

Some interesting ideas…
– Revival of traditional recipies
– Knowledge of food from woods.
– the folk art
– and the connection to conservation.

When I go home I know that I have to search really hard for to find a ‘sampige’ tree bearing fruits. This is not the flowering tree most people know of. This tree has been cut mindlessly for the reason that the wood looks just like the sandalwood and can replace the sandalwood in many places. Good for sandalwood. Fact is there are no sandalwood trees left either. eh!

There used to be another tree, whose bark has been used in some incense making in large scale commercially. I have not seen these huge trees since a long time.

At least I can see the ‘sampige’ tree though it may not have any fruits, may not invite the Horn bills and other birds. It may soon be gone too.

Here is something happening.. check it out.Malenadu Mela

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