04 Dec

spam word randomizers

“Hello, Beautiful Russian women waiting to meet YOU!”

Woha! Good enough to throw anyone off their feet. Who would’nt want to meet those Russian wonders! I know, I know all you people from Venus would have a slightly different meeting plans 🙂

This is actually a plain one. The randomizer or random word generator must have got one simple algorithm randomly by chance!
Some combination of the words are hilarious And of course only an web admin can understand and sympathize the pain of managing such growing menace.

some sample subject lines go like …
> righteous rattlesnake
> of course you will
> the farm are a Columbia. has a nothing
> We’ve got every orange
> Horoscope Restaurant
> Backpack Bathtub Perfume
> Your best Computer Parachute

The less interesting one’s include lines like,
“Rolex Watches”
“Legal software sale”
etc. And yes other common ones include the free medicine for the illness, and all the things I should have to bring joy to my hundred and two seventy eight girlfriends! yu hoo!

Poor those email servers with all that load! Hmmm.. that brings another topic to mind! Will pen it down sometime. Oops should I say type it down!?

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