17 Jun

what makes us?

What makes us, us? Us not to see! Us not to appreciate simple truths, efforts, energy!

‘cos we have never heard a song, song of the earth through a peasants tune in a remote corner of mountain!
‘cos we have never heard a song on radio on long winding road late in the night!
‘cos we have never heard the beat inside the voice of struggling soul making end meet and in love with music!
‘cos we have never exposed ourselves to wide world, we’ve been hiding behind the fear of corruption of our assumed purity a.k.a what would my neighbour (who thinks me as a purist follower) say if I experiment with my listening/playing?!
‘cos we never read a poem shining with the scent of the first rain of June nor a prose with all the shades of a blue evening breeze!

can’t blame, some need some push. some just can’t seem to think that they can think.

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