08 Dec


As one starts traveling from northern parts of Sahyadri inside Karnataka, one feels the pressure on the Sahyadri by the humans and development. Though there are and have been people living on the resources from these places, as the number grew the need for more resources is quite inevitable. Sadly knowledge has not been playing its role in terms of planning and executing the development activities.
The pollution and deforestation by the paper and other industries, the building of dams and nuclear power plants for energy, the quarrying and mining, roads, communication channels and pipelines implementations, encroachment of land for coffee and other crops and building communities.The list will probably end when the Sahyadri itself ceases to exist.

Often I start thinking, What will I tell my daughter when she finds what wonderful piece of bio-diversity we had in our hand and lost it and the people of her generation has only picture and bottled samples of the same. What will I answer her when she asks me “Why did you let it happen? No one of your times did care for anyone except themselves?” I still don’t know what I am going to answer. Do I have an answer? I doubt.
Probably its easy to blame anyone for not caring enough, easy to blame media for not doing its job, teachers thinking teaching is just a “job”, and vote and elect “someone” and then blame the system. …
What are we waiting for? Someone to come and clean the garbage in our home for us? Some overnight phenomenon to happen like the ending of a movie and then everyone lives happily everafter. Mark me, urbanisation has killed and is killing the civilisation. We are just frightened individuals living in our own islands only watching our shores in this “cement” societies we have built. World will become a better place only when we all realise what beautiful ocean of Life we are living in and gifted with. When we start living beyond our selfish selves there is a chance for the mankind to survive.

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