06 Jan

Jan 1sts

To start a new year, this Spathoglottis was here with a bloom 🙂 Though tis just a marker in time, though time and again it reminds one to stop for a while and look where one is going, the learning, the enthusiasm, the interest, the desire, won’t let one slow down, And this Harmony is the One! Spathoglottis
And the visit in search of a native plant ultimately ended up good, with one species being spotted 🙂 may be I should visit the place, B M Betta again in may-june. Hopefully would see it bloom as well. There were a few more plants too and now could spot only one. May be I missed the other spots or may be they are gone!
vanda unknown

Looking at things all around, wondering what this mad world is all about! Somehow hear these words “dreams in which I am dying are the best I ever had” from Mad World in the back of the mind. They are worth dying for, or else what good the life is! Also happen to hear Kazim Koyuncu’s track in Edge of heaven, this is played when Nejat is back in Turkey and feels the home around and inside. I guess I can feel it too, something when one is close to the ground and inside its spell.

Though there are various markers in time, and there is a new day everyday. And 365 Jan 1sts in a year, and don’t bother about the world.. world has got a lot of catch up to do.

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