28 Oct

the other side

“It is possible for an ascent to stretch out and take over your life, so that you become trapped by it, and if you develop a negative frame of mind towards it, then it can be very hard to succeed.”

~ Jerry Moffatt – Revelations

18 Nov


wonder how wise it is to look for solutions for the new age medical problems (for example) in the wilderness and in the still evolving flora/fauna out there! one might even call the act a superstition or how vulnerably fearfully dependent home sapiens are!!

are the new age medical or health situations are part of the evolution, so that somewhere else a solution is also evolving. Its not necessary that every problem must have a solution of course and that every solution available must oblige to match a problem.

and all these technical advancements, on a certain plane, seem to separate the homo sapiens and the homo dilutus. Over facilitated by the unnecessary natural resource consuming developmental activities, race might as well depend more the external facilities than nurturing and building a intelligence inside which works with great level of abstraction. And entropy is only rising!

12 Jul


Twain, with a characteristically charming lack of gravity. was satirizing an attitude towards nature which has since come to predominate: we expect nature to do our bidding, to fall into step with us. Or we override it with technology, and render its rhythms superfluous. Our need for speed has led us to esteem the streamlined, the dynamic in all things, and that estimation has accelerated us out of sync with the natural world.
~ Robert Macfarlane in “Mountains of the Mind”