11 Dec

language and warmth

it is a team sport, where both the team mates are learning, playing, learning…

One says “If I told you this in the field you would get angry! Why don’t you throw it zxy way when it becomes so and so then!!”
Two thinks what if these words were “I have not seen you throwing zxy anytime. How about trying it sometime!? Let me know next time you want to do it, I’ll catch it”

Words must have warmth to reach the listener.
Talks must inspire.

06 Dec

on the beach…

A November weekend brought few discs to beach of Chennai and came along the enthu fliers. Absolutely fun filled weekend chasing the disc on the sands of eastern shore.

frisbee on the chennai beach

just loved this t-shirt of the Colombo team 🙂

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some more pics are here too,
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lil update…
there was an article in Mid-day about the ultimate frisbee in BLR, good article, though they mentioned a few things in wrong order! Read it here