09 Feb


sorutihudu maneya maaLigi
ajnaana’dinda …

they say 1411 are left now!
fancy a number!!

known many folks who wants to see it the wilderness. probably it all started with “i just want to see!”

anyways, let me join some facebook group, become fan of something, i might be able to save them all!

25 Nov

rare ones

The search for the rare!, Its not new, this obsession with rare!. Everyone in all era were looking for the rare ones. The word looking would be understatement and it had its side effects too, both positive and negative. Search for Orchids, Minerals, Fossils, Eggs etc are all have been part of the humans looking out for the exotic! is it the pretense inside the socio-political arena lies behind the this “explorations” in which humans, both educated and uneducated are pushed to the ends of the world?!

12 Jul


Twain, with a characteristically charming lack of gravity. was satirizing an attitude towards nature which has since come to predominate: we expect nature to do our bidding, to fall into step with us. Or we override it with technology, and render its rhythms superfluous. Our need for speed has led us to esteem the streamlined, the dynamic in all things, and that estimation has accelerated us out of sync with the natural world.
~ Robert Macfarlane in “Mountains of the Mind”